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The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

Deuteronomy means second law. Historical account (in shortened form) from Mount Sinai, which is Mount Horeb, to Moses death and burial just before crossing the Jordan into the promised land. Most of Deuteronomy is a repetition of some of the law with additional detail and encouragements to obey the law.  

1. Israelites leaving Mount Horeb, appointing leaders, sending out the spies at Kadesh Barnea, failure to go into the promised land, the curse: only Joshua and Caleb will go in, then the people want to go in but cannot

2. Israelites wandering in the desert, defeating King Sihon

3. defeating King Og, dividing the land, Moses cannot cross Jordan

4. obedience, idolatry, God, cities of refuge, the law

5. The Ten Commandments

6. The great commandment: Love the Lord your God

7. driving out the pagans, obedience, blessings

8. follow every command, God's care, don't forget the Lord

9. success not based on merit, the golden calf, Moses throws and breaks the two tablets of stone

10. two new tablets of stone, fear, love, and serve God

11. Love and obey the Lord, the wonders of the Lord, gift of rain, fidelity, blessing and curse

12. one place to worship

13. idolatry

14. pagan-style mourning forbidden, food (clean and unclean), tithes

15. all debts cancelled and servants set free every seven years, set apart the first-born of animals for the Lord

16. feasts: Passover, weeks, booths/tabernacles; judges, laws against sacred poles or pillars

17. not sacrificing defective animals to the Lord, judges, kings

18. priests, don't copy the ways of the heathen, prophets,

19. cities of refuge, landmarks, false witnesses

20. war: no fear, no weakness, confidence, the Lord will fight, who can and cannot go, distant cites, cities that God is giving as an inheritance, don't cut down the trees in the wars

21. unsolved murders, marrying women captives, rights of the firstborn, stubborn, unruly, glutenous, drunken sons who will not turn from their sin, burial of those who sinned to death and been executed

22. lost animals, cross-dressing, protection of a mother bird, roof safety, not mixing seed in the same field, unequal yoke of animals, not mixing different kinds of threads, cords on cloaks, perversions of marriage

23. those who are to be excluded from the assembly, uncleanness, slaves, harlots, loans and interest, vows, eating from your neighbor's vineyard or grain field

24. pattern for marriage, pledge for debt, death penalty for kidnapping, leprosy, fraud, the poor, wages, each person bears his or her own guilt, slaves, foreigners, orphans, leaving part of the harvest behind for the poor

25. beatings as punishment, don't muzzle an ox that is treading grain, the duty of a man to his brother's wife if his brother dies without child, wives trying to help their husbands in fights, dishonest weights, the punishment of Amelak

26. firstfruits, tithes, thanksgiving, prayer, the Covenant

27. ceremonies, stone alter on Mt. Ebal, 12 curses

28. blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience

29. past blessings, all Israel under the covenant, idolatry warning, punishment

30. mercy and repentance, clear command, life or death, your choice

31. Moses sets Joshua as leader, God foretells of Israel's coming sin, a new song, law placed in the Ark of the Covenant

32. a new song, God foretells Moses' death on Mt. Nebo

33. Moses blesses Israel tribe by tribe

34. the death of Moses

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God has established the pattern of Scripture, for life and for the Church.

The Entire Bible
 Gen   Exod   Lev   Num   Deut   Josh   Judg   Ruth   1Sam   2Sam   1Kgs   2Kgs   1Chr   2Chr   Ezra   Neh   Esth   Job 
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