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The Fruitless Response: Among Thorns, The Cares of this world and Straining to be Rich


The seed, the gospel of the Kingdom, that fell among thorns, does not bear the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is that which grows when we yield to the Holy Spirit. If we yield to the cares of this world or strain to be rich, we will not yield to the Holy Spirit. You cannot serve two masters; you cannot serve God and Mammon. If you are a friend of the world, you will be an enemy of God.

Jesus tells us that the thorns are "the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches." The care of this world is a lie from Satan. The truth is that God has it all under control. Riches are deceitful. They appear to take care of us. They appear to be important. The appear to be the result of our own efforts. The truth is that God owns everything and gives it to whomsoever He wills. The truth is that the love of money is the root of all evil and that anyone who desires to be rich brings trouble to his whole house.

Where do the thorns come from? Weeds come from sowing bad seed. Failure to discern the Body of Christ is bad seed. This may come out as focus on church problems or on hypocrites in the church. Discernment sees things the way God sees things. God sees the finished work.

Weed seed comes from stepping across the line. We may slip across the line, but that is not the problem. Slipping across the line is a fruit of bad seed sown in the past. When a root of bitterness springs up to trouble us, our response needs to be to listen to the voice of God and then yield to the Holy Spirit. We are responsible to be in the Holy Anointing no matter what. If we do that, the flesh dies. Christ is built up in you. You plant good seed. You do reap whatever you sow. If, on the other hand, we go ahead and step across the line, then you plant new bad seeds. That is a problem. You begin to re-crucify the Christ in you, and build up the flesh.

These bad seeds are sown by entering into fear, anger, unforgiveness, and greed. Whenever anyone seeks to find satisfaction in things other than Christ, the result is addiction. Addiction can develop to entertainment, alcohol, drugs, work, religious activity, and many other things.

Hypocrisy is the result of trying to self-generate good works. God has a way that He can do His work through us. God's way is the only way humans can do good works.

Idolatry plants terrible seeds. We may not carve out idols of wood or worship gods of the cults, but there are other idols. We idolize singers and actors. Some people idolize politicians. We can idolize denominations, persons, organizations, or doctrines. Covetousness is the sin of idolatry. When someone is following an idol, that person will be bored with God. That person will not find yielding to the Spirit of God to bring wonder and awe.

There is another form of sin, missing the mark. Missing the mark has to do with not following the leading of the Spirit of God. Many things can cause you to miss the mark, including speculation, self-righteousness, trying to be righteous by self-effort, false love, false gifts, false leading. Lack of honor and respect for God keeps us from having wisdom. Honor and respect for God is the beginning of wisdom, Wisdom is the real sourc of righteousness, holiness, and redemption. This lack of honor and respect is the result of rejecting the Holy Spirit. Rejecting the Holy Spirit will keep us from sowing good seed. Only by the Holy Spirit can we sow good seed.

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