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When is true love found between a man and a woman?


When is true love found between a man and a woman?

A man and a woman find true love when they're certain God has led them to walk together and to serve Him. This certainty from God must be in both hearts. They must both know it. 

Note that God has built safeguards into the Church and the home to avoid pitfalls. God has placed parents for a purpose. God has placed elders of the church for a purpose. Be cautious if either of these seem to have any reservations. God gives anointing for this purpose to all whom He sets in authority in His Body.

Satan, in the meantime, is throwing out every type of false signal to confuse the issue. If a man is looking for a woman or a woman is looking for a man, they will have trouble discerning the will of God. When both the man and the woman are seeking Jesus Christ, then God will take care of the leading. To avoid the leading of God or to try to follow one's own will instead of God's will is the source of all human miseries.

Love and faith are linked together. If you don't want to be deceived, then you need to keep your eyes open--spiritual eyes, that is. All wisdom comes from God. In fact, 1 Corinthians 1:30 tells us that Jesus Christ is our wisdom. Then, it tells us of the three components of wisdom, which are righteousness, holiness, and redemption. What's that got to do with love? Righteousness is the working of love in the moment. Righteousness is always a free gift that comes by faith. Faith always comes by hearing God and acknowledging Him. Holiness comes as the result of allowing God to repeatedly do His righteousness through you, thinking His thoughts, saying His utterances, and doing His works. Holiness is love that you become as you are conformed to the pattern of Jesus Christ. Redemption is the freedom from that which is not love. It is freedom from our natural sinful nature and it comes from glory to glory along with holiness.

At this point, we should establish a basis for knowledge then define the terms, love and faith. If we don't do that, everything will be confusing.

How can we know anything about anything, let alone love and faith?

We live in a world that has fallen into Naturalism, materialism, and scientism. All three of these are irrational [insane] beliefs. Naturalism the unfounded belief that nothing that happens is from a spiritual cause. (read more) Scientism is the unfounded belief that nothing is spiritual. (read more) Scientism is the unfounded belief that science is the final determiner of what is real and what is not. (read more) If we start to define such things as love and faith using the precepts of a fallen creation and the current dying system, we'll end up with false hope and nothing that can help us. So, we base our knowledge on those things that have been and are being revealed to us by God. God speaks. He speaks to us through the Bible, through Christians, and any other way that He chooses to.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

What is true love between a man and a woman?

True love is spiritual as opposed to the temporary false love that is promoted in movies. You know about this false love. It's the kind that makes everyone so happy for a while then makes them miserable. Sometimes, it's called infatuation. This is the love at first site thing that is romanticized in songs but that does not work out well in real life. It is actually a chemical reaction that God designed into every man and woman. It can easily go off the tracks. Pornography confuses. Looking at various women with sexual thoughts can make it impossible for a man to find true love. Men who do these things have trouble sorting out their thoughts. They don't know if they are "in love" or just lusting after a woman. This can really get mixed up. It can result in all kinds of spiritual disorders. The same holds for women. When a man becomes angry with a woman (or anyone), that man can drag those emotions into all his future relationships. When he drags this into a romantic relationship, he can end up dragging it into his marriage. This will assure him and his wife of a miserable marriage. The same applies to women and anger. Don't let the sun go down on your strong negative emotion. Forgive everyone immediately.

So, what is real love between a man and a woman?

Real love always involves God because God is love. There is no love without God. He is the source of all love because He is love. To say it another way, you can't have real love without God. You can, however, have something called natural affection. This is something that God built into human beings. It is the tendency to care for those of their own family or close friends. This natural affection can fail under stress. True love never fails. You can also have eros without God. Eros is a selfish desire that takes rather than giving. It can give if it sees that it will eventually get what it wants by giving. This is the kind of love that makes a man or a woman have sex outside of marriage. It is actually the opposite of true love. That may be why those who hve sex before marriage are much less likely to have a successful marriage. Then there's the kind of love that is based on mutual interests. It is more like friendship than love. There is nothing wrong with this. It's best to marry someone with interests that are like your own interests.

All the things that Romans 13 says about love are also true of true love between a man and a woman. Read that carefully and ask God to reveal it to you more deeply. You will find, if you do this, that your understanding of it will deepen over the years every time you read it.


Search and find the love that's real and genuine and true.
Search and find fulfillment and the love that's right for you.
How often earthly love has broken hearts that were sincere.
How many have reached out for love and now withdraw in fear. Read the entire poem here.

For more songs and poems like this go to the Love and Marriage and Wedding Song Book.

Here is the secret to finding the right person to share your whole life with. First, forget about all the silly ways that the worldly try to find someone. Why would you want to do what doesn't work for anyone else except for the fantasies on TV? Rather, just run toward Jesus as hard and as fast as you can. As you run, when you notice another one who is running along side of you, take another look at that one. God will bring someone. Wait for them.

There may be someone who seems attractive to you. Can you discern them as part of the Body of Christ? Does this person have Christ in his or her heart? Are they walking in the power of Christ? Do you share the same faith? These are the basics. To have the kind of marriage that Christ designed, your home must be the basic governmental unit of the Body of Christ operating according to God's pattern and process. God has a process for love and a pattern for courtship and marriage. Outside of following God's plans things cannot be optimal in the long run. If you follow God's plan, even those things that go wrong will be a blessing to you. Read more about God's plan for the family here.

Last updated: Mar, 2016
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