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Challenges to God's Version of History (Creation, the Flood, Age of the Earth, Dinosaurs)


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this. And don't forget where you are going. You get past the questions/attacks so you can proclaim the Gospel. It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

Biblical creation and the flood of Noah are historical accounts based on revelation that make sense of all the lines of evidence, but evolution and old-earthism can't explain much of the evidence and are mere fabrications based  on arbitrary assumptions.

Fabrications, based on arbitrary assumptions are not something to be dogmatic about. It all comes down to assumption versus revelation.

"They say to wood, 'You are my father,' and to stone, 'You gave me birth.' They have turned their backs to me and not their faces; yet when they are in trouble, they say, 'Come and save us!'" ~ Jeremiah 2:27 This is exactly the problem. People who reject God's absolute rule over their life go to the story of Evolution and denial of the Creation and the Flood. They attribute the many evidences of the great worldwide Flood to millions of years of time, even though observation tells them that their stories could not possibly be true. They punish and coerce anyone who tells the truth and make every effort to suppress the truth. By so doing, they say that a tree is their ancestor. They say that the water dripping on rocks caused the origin of life that they have now inherited. Though this is a ridiculous viewpoint, look at how many are chasing after it.

Every once in a while, receives a contact from an evolutionist or an old Earth dogmatists. When we ask what actual evidence the writer has to convince themselves of whatever philosophy that they happen to be waving against what God says, they never have any answer. They may send an emotional response, but mostly they refuse to answer the question. Why?

Remember that, even if you show a scoffer that it is irrational to believe in Atheistic versions of history, the scoffer cannot come to hear the utterance of God through the Bible unless they desire the truth and desire to obey God. The deliberate unbeliever cannot come to Christ. You will notice that very little of the Bible is addressed to scoffers and to those who persist in absolute unbelief. However, in the Bible, there are many warnings to godly people that they must be careful not to be influenced by ungodly people. There are warnings to godly people so they do not consider the philosophies of ungodly people to have any validity.

Christ-followers ought to be understanding their own experience with Christ and the Body of Christ so that they will be able to give a reason for the hope that is in them when they are asked. That implies that the Christ-follower's life needs to be a life that prompts the question. If the life of the Christ-follower is about like the life of the unbeliever, why should the unbeliever be interested in what the Christ-follower says. The Christ-follower is just a hypocrite and who wants to hear a hypocrite? The Christ-follower's life ought to be a life of love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, kindness, gentleness, inner strength that comes from the Spirit of God, and the faith of God that comes as a free gift as we hear the utterance of God in every moment of our daily lives.

We know that the account in the Bible is correct because of direct revelation from God. (read more) We know that God exists because He has revealed Himself to us. (read more) We know that Jesus Christ is God because God has revealed Jesus to us and continues to unveil Him to us moment by moment. We are having an ongoing real experience with Him. We know His Voice and won't listen to the voice of a stranger. We know that salvation is through Jesus because God has uttered it and we have heard it. (read more) Frankly, we trust God but do not trust the lying human mind. The human mind and human ability to observe reality is unreliable and deceitful. It is desperately wicked. None of what we know is derived by poor logic or irrationality. Everything that is used against the gospel of Jesus Christ, God, and the Bible is based on poor logic and irrationality [insanity]. (read more)

The arguments that Satan brings against God and His Utterances to us are too numerous to mention. Many of these lies are quite convincing when you first hear them, but they all fall apart when you examine the truth. Most of these lies are just stupid. One would think that college professors would not repeat these lies, yet they do.

"In our own lifetimes, evolutionary scientists continue to generate sophisticated arguments to ignore the "clearly seen" evidence. Their own top-tier colleagues have begun to promote the (new) Darwinian idea--the notion that life originated from a primordial conglomeration of chemicals that over vast ages and through randomly generated combinations resulted in a "common ancestor" from which all life developed. Rejection of this fanciful tale is not limited to creationists! Nor has the naturalistic community just recently come to the conclusion that these theories will not work." ~

The simple way:

Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us.

Whatever they come back with will consist of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). This is true whether they say "Evolution is science," "There is no God," "God doesn't speak to you," "You are stupid," "You don't understand science," "I don't have enough evidence to believe," "There is no evidence for God," "The Bible has errors," or any other thing, so just say some variation of the following:

Thank you for providing an excellent example: Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us. (example using this on an blog)

"When evolution is seen as a storytelling game rather than a serious attempt at scientific explanation, it suddenly makes sense."

Last updated: Sep, 2013
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