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God's Order for the Church Universal


In the Church Universal, the apostles, both traveling elders and traveling deacons, are set by those apostles who were set previously.  Apostles are selected by the indication of the Holy Spirit.  There is no independent apostle.  There is no preeminent apostle, no chief revelator.  The apostles are in submission to each other.  Traveling deacons share in this spiritual ministry in submission to the traveling elders.  Together, they govern the  Church Universal by God's process.  When decisions are made, the traveling elders talk together and pray that God reveal to them the decision that they should make.  They look to God for mutual leading in everything.  If no answer is obvious to all the traveling elders, then they leave it with God.  There is no way to force God to reveal anything before it is time.  There is no place for speculation.  God leads. They acknowledge Him.  His faith comes.  His grace does His work through them as they yield.  God plants good seed in their hearts and in the hearts of all who walk in submission to them, and this results in a change in what they are.  The change has two parts: holiness and redemption.

The ministry gifts are seen in the apostles: prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.  Apostles lay the foundation for the Church.  The Apostles receive the revelation, the interpretation, of Scripture, and they establish the doctrine.  The apostles set local elders and deacons as the Holy Spirit indicates.  The apostles impart the Spiritual gifts by the laying on of their hands and prophecy.  They set ministries.  The apostles are in unity with each other.  They are in submission to each other.  Every apostle is under the government of Christ and of every other apostle.  They discern the authority of Christ in each other.  

There is love in the Church Universal.  There is love and respect between the members of the Church Universal.  They submit to each other because they discern Christ in each other.  This is that same supernatural love as the love that is in the local Churches.  There is order in the Church Universal.  There are regional camps, the traveling of the camps, where the Holy Spirit leads and every member has a part.  In these meetings, the apostles deliver those teachings that God is emphasising to the Church Universal.  The meetings follow the pattern of Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 14.  There is no place for unresolved conflict in the Church Universal.  The Church Universal follows the order of Scripture, not the order proposed by the so-called "churches" found in the culture.  Every member in the Church Universal is built up by that which every joint supplies.  The joints are those places between the members.  There is a continual flowing of the Holy Anointing (the Holy Spirit) in the Church Universal.  The traveling elders and deacons administer the financial matters of the Church Universal according to the pattern of Scripture.  The Church is financed by tithes and offerings that are taken up in the local assemblies.  Sometimes, special offerings are made at the regional camp meetings.  The members of the Church Universal engage in hospitality among themselves and toward anyone who visits the regional meetings.  The Church Universal has a ministry as a Body to the unsaved.  There are Bible studies, sing-alongs, and times of prayer in camps.  There is corporate prayer.  The order of the head covering is in effect.  The orders of communion, baptisms, and the anointing with oil by the elders for healing are in effect.  There is revelation, prophecy, tongues and interpretation, and teaching in the local Church.  The traveling elders do not advance their own doctrines, but they teach no doctrine other than the apostle's doctrine--that doctrine on which they all agree.

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