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World History 19th Century


US Government


  • Restored in the Brethren movement:
    • The sufficiency of the Word of God in church affairs and daily walk.
    • The Body of Christ composed of believers.
    • The priesthood of believers.
    • Weakness in the Brethren movement:
    • Doctrine without the anointing of the Holy Spirit becomes dead letter. "The letter killeth"  2 Corinthians 3:6 
  • Restored in the 1858 outpouring.
    • Evangelistic fervor and missionary enterprise.
  • Under General Booth, the social implications of the gospel and the believers union in death and resurrection.
  • Weakness of the 1858 outpouring:
  • Lack of unity.
  • Each group had a part, but each group thought that they had the whole.
  • A great worldwide missionary movement started.


  • By the Nineteenth Century, most of the liberal intelligentsia had rejected much of biblical revelation.
  • Atheist lawyer, Charles Lyell, launches all-out attack on biblical history, introducing the concept of uniformitarianism and no global flood by inventing an alternate story to compete what what God says happened.  Lyell was not a good scientist but was an excellent lawyer, selling his story successfully to a degenerate church.
  • Darwin was born and raised as at least a third generation Atheist, attending church as a social exercise.  Darwin was greatly influence by Charles Lyell's anti-biblical work.
  • 1809 Charles Darwin born
  • 1816 American Bible Society founded
  • 1821 Mary Baker Eddy born
  • 1824 Sunday School Union
  • 1830 Brethren movement
  • 1830 Mormons founded
  • 1830-1833 Lyell publishes The Principles of Geology (anti-biblical effort)
  • 1834 Charles Spurgeon born
  • 1837 Dwight L. Moody born
  • 1847 Karl Marx
  • 1852, The first U.S. compulsory school attendance laws.
  • 1858 outpouring
  • 1859 General Booth of the Salvation Army
  • 1859 J S Mill writes Essay on Liberty
  • 1864 Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races
  • 1867 Karl Marx Das Kapital
  • 1871 Jehovah Witnesses founded
  • 1875 Theosophical society founded
  • 1875 Charles Finney dies
  • 1882 Charles Darwin dies
  • 1888 The Washington Monument, Washington D.C.
  • 1889 T. H. Huxley Agnosticism
  • 1899 Dwight L. Moody dies
  • 1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson President
  • 1809-1817 James Madison President
  • 1817-1825 James Monroe President
  • 1825-1829 John Quincy Adams President
  • 1829-1827 Andrew Jackson President
  • 1837-1841 Martin van Buren President
  • 1841-1841 William Henry Harrison President
  • 1841-1845 John Tyler President
  • 1845-1849 James Knox Polk President
  • 1849-1850 Zachary Taylor President
  • 1850-1853 Millard Fillmore President
  • 1853-1857 Franklin Pierce President
  • 1857-1861 James Buchanan President
  • 1861-1865 Abraham Lincoln President
  • 1865-1869 Andrew Johnson President
  • 1869-1877 Ulysses Simpson Grant President
  • 1877-1881 Rutherford Birchard Hayes President
  • 1881-1881 James Abram Garfield President
  • 1881-1885 Chester Alan Arthur President
  • 1885-1889 Grover Cleveland President
  • 1889-1893 Benjamin Harrison President
  • 1893-1897 Grover Cleveland President
  • 1897-1901 William McKinley President



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1862 Emancipation Proclamation

1861-1865 American Civil War, The War Between the States

1869-2009 Evolutionist Charles William Eliot Became President Of Harvard

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