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There Is A Cost To Receiving Jesus As Your Savior


To be a Christian-in-name-only won't cost you anything. You can keep all your flesh and misery. Trying to put God's new wine into your old wineskins allows you to keep your old wineskins, but to truly have an experience with the living Savior will cost you.  To be freed from bondage to sin will cost you your bondage to sin.  To be free of depression will cost you your depression.  To be freed from adultery will cost you your adultery.  To be freed from greed will cost you your greed.  To be freed from the futility of your natural mind will cost you the futility of your natural mind.  To receive God's wisdom will cost you your foolishness.  

You will also be ridiculed. You will be discriminated against.  
You will be hated simply because you are following Jesus. The unbelievers will lie to you and they will lie about you. Those who have living faith and an ongoing experience with Jesus Christ are discriminated against more than any other group. The people who claim to support fairness, open-mindedness, and free speech for everyone will turn on you because of your faith in Jesus. When people treat you unfairly because of your faith, those who claim to be the defenders of fairness and compassion will cheer those who are treating you unfairly. They will be closed-minded to your belief, and you will experience liberalism's snobbery.  A high-profile example is the history of how 20th Century and 21st Century Christian U.S. Presidents have been treated by liberalism's media and news services.  President George W. Bush is attacked relentlessly, daily with many false accusations.  This relentless attack will either force you, as a Christian, into the world's mold or else it will force you to turn completely toward Jesus and to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  

FREE on-line BOOK (a classic): The Real Faith, by Charles S. Price

FREE on-line BOOK (a classic): The Meaning Of Faith, by Charles S. Price

They will try, in any way they can, to limit your free speech, because they don't want to hear the viewpoint that comes from Jesus who now lives within you. And Satan himself will unleash forces against you to try to turn you and cause you to come back and be his servant once again. Consider the cost before becoming a Christian. The rewards are high, but the cost is also high.  
2 Timothy 3:12  
1 Peter 4:12  
1 Peter 4:1  
Colossians 1:24

Last updated: Jan, 2013

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