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Transfiguration and Manifestation


5. I want to take part in that transfiguration into holiness and freedom...
4.... transfiguration that is the result of consistently planting the seeds of God's righteousness...
3.... righteousness that is a free gift of God given by God's grace...
2.... grace that is through the faith of God...
1.... faith that comes by standing in the presence of God and listening to God's utterance.  

This grace will always do works that are according to God's will and pattern for Christ the Body.
It will lead out of disorder, forms, rituals, fleshliness, and anything else that is not according to God's pattern for the Church in general and God's plan for me, in particular.  
It all begins with hearing from God.  
It was the utterance of God Who told me that there must be apostles and prophets, and it was God Who led me to them. 

It was the utterance of God Who warned me about false teachers and false apostles and false prophets.
God speaks through those He sets into offices in the Church.   (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)
At present, He reveals the interpretation of Scripture to His holy apostles and prophets.  
They teach that revelation to local, unpaid, appointed elders.
who teach the same things and who teach no other doctrine.

In the beginning, when the traveling ministries (apostles) were restored to the church in North Battleford, SASK, Canada, around 1948, the Holy Spirit made some things plain. 

  • There are no maverick apostles. 
  • All apostles are under the government of all the other apostles. 
  • Only that which is revealed to all the apostles is the apostles doctrine. 
  • All revelation is in perfect harmony with Scripture and does not require eliminating one Scripture in favor of another or saying that certain parts of the Bible are out of date other some things such as circumcision or animal sacrifices that are fulfilled at a higher level in the New Covenant/Testament. 
  • There is no chief apostle nor any chief revelator. 
  • Apostles travel and have authority over all churches who walk in submission to God's pattern. 
  • There and traveling elders and deacons (apostles) and local elders and deacons.
  • Apostles set multiple local elders in those churches who receive no money but serve with a willing heart. 
  • Each elder is under the authority and government of all the other elders in that local church. 
  • If the local elders can't agree on any matter, they take it to the apostles who determine the answer.

God showed me the safety in this revelation and confirmed to me that it is all in Scripture.

God speaks through His church in all the ways stated above and many more ways.

1. God's utterance results in God's faith coming...
2.... faith that is the door to God's grace...
3.... grace that does God's works...
4.... works that sow (we reap what we sow) the seeds of God's free gift of righteousness...
5.... seeds that transfigure (from glory to glory, a little at a time) who I am into holiness and freedom from Satan and my own sinful flesh (redemption).

Whoever will may come.

Last updated: Jun, 2012
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