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The Garden Of Our Soul


God uses an analogy of a garden in Scripture.  Jesus set us free from Satan's chains of slavery, but our minds are still full of impurities that are like roots of bitterness in the gardens of our souls.  These roots of bitterness can spring up like weeds to trouble us.  We all know that this is true.  Satan and worldly counselors are constantly trying to plant weed seeds into our garden.  When we obey temptation, then we plant even more weed seeds.  When we obey God, which is only possible by the power of God, we plant holy seed and holy seed can only come from God.  If any of us speaks a vision out of our own mind, then we plant weeds.  On the other hand, when we are faithful to the vision of hope that God gives, we plant His holy seed.  When we submit to the Holy Spirit and prophesy in the church service, we are changed and all who hear are changed.  When we sing a song in the Spirit, we are changed and so is anyone who hears. 

When we refuse to direct our hearing to the impulses of flesh, something of the weed field dies out.  When we turn to Jesus instead of our own understanding, His holy seed is planted and the fruit of the Spirit springs up.  When we harbor unthankfulness, or any other sin, we are yielding to the flesh and helping the weeds to grow.  The Old Testament consisted of a struggle to try to obey the law.  That was hopeless.  In the New Testament, righteousness springs forth.  It comes down from above (Isaiah 45:8).  The flow of the anointing of God uproots weeds and plants holy seed, which is holiness.  Lord, let Your Spirit so dwell in me that Your righteousness springs forth like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water and Your glory is all that I can see.  Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord.

The weeds can be such things as presuppositions and assumptions that block or ability to hear and see God.  They distort our understanding of Scripture.  Human philosophies are weeds that work against the truth about what God is doing (1 Corinthians 1:18-23), but God reveals His way to the humble who seek Him with all their hearts (Matthew 11:25).  Ever since the fall of Adam, the Human mind is darkened so that no one can see the light without the enlightenment that only comes through the Holy Spirit (John 3:3).  A darkened mind will resist the truth (2 Timothy 3:8).  Those who are spiritually blind cannot see the Kingdom of God. 

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