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Your Purpose in Life


Have you considered that your life has a purpose and God knows it and wants to reveal your purpose to you? Do you know your purpose in life?  Are you happy, fully satisfied and completely fulfilled... or do you want something more?  If you continue to think as you have always thought, then you will continue to get what you have always got.  Is it enough?  You can find out your purpose in life and be fulfilled and happy.  Your life does have meaning and purpose.  It is not relative nor is it what you make it.  Your purpose in life is absolute and ordained by God.  And you can know your purpose.  In general, your purpose is to be conformed to the image of the Son of God.  This is clearly stated in Scripture.  For this to happen, you must be born again into the family of God. And you must be set free from slavery to sin by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Your purpose is to be born into this family and to take your place as a particular member of the Body of Christ.  The love and unity of this Body of Christ is beyond any love and unity that can be seen in this world at present, but this is exactly what God has as your purpose in life.

Gods Way understood

Within the Body of Christ, God has ways for you to find out the specifics of your purpose in life.  One of the most miraculous methods that God uses to show you your purpose in life, which He speaks about in the Bible, is the laying on of hands of the presbytery and prophecy.  The presbytery is a group of elders in the Church who have been called, by God, to this purpose.  No one can call himself to this purpose, but they must be called of God.  There are false prophets, of course.  And there are false presbyteries, but that which is real is real regardless of how many counterfeits there are. It should be noted here that the Body of Christ has a very specific design. It is the design and pattern that is clearly laid out in Scripture: Elders and deacons, Apostles and prophets, every member having a specific place of service. The profit-making machine that has crowded into the Church is not the Church. The Church is really not of the order of this present age but is of the order of the coming age.  

Your Part in Fulfilling the Purpose of Your Life:

Here are the basics of fulfilling the purpose of your life.  These are also the basics of happiness.  If you really want to fulfill your purpose, then you will need to find reality to really get started.  Perhaps, you have already started the process in a way that will not lead you to frustration.  If so, then you will need to continue to move on a path that leads you to fulfillment.


You will want to avoid the many counterfeit, unreal ways of getting started, since all of these ways lead to frustration.  Once you have started the process toward fulfillment in a real way, you will want to avoid the many unreal and counterfeit roads that falsely promise fulfillment but really lead to frustration.  

More about being Fulfilled:

You get started by being born again.  There is only one way to be born again.  That is by believing in Jesus Christ.  That doesn't mean that you just believe that He lived or even that you believe that He lived and died and rose into Heaven.  It means that you believe that He is your Lord and Master, and you believe that He has opened the door for you to serve Him by dying on the cross for your sins. This is a matter of life or death, not just in this age, but in the ages to come.  

Even if you have gotten started by being born again through the blood of Jesus Christ, you still need to know the Truth.  Jesus is the Truth, and you may already have Him, but He is infinite and you are finite. There are deeper depths and higher heights.  There is no hope of being fulfilled in any other person or thing other than Jesus.  You may have been born again and have Jesus in your heart, yet can you answer the question: "Who is Jesus?"  This is an amazing question.  As we walk with Him, we find that those things about Jesus that we thought we understood are made more clear.  Those things about Jesus that we never even thought about become very important as we walk into spiritual maturity.

Last updated: Dec, 2011

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

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