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Humanism Also Known As Secular Humanism


Humanism is yet another synonym for Atheism.  Humanism dogmatically supposes  and preaches that there is no God other than humanity.  Humanists are Atheists. Atheism/Humanism is one of the most violent of all religions, and, like all religions, it claims to be peaceful. If Humanists/Atheists were truly not a religion bent on control and conversion, there would not be the angst for spreading their false gospel and defending their make-believe belief system. The most malicious, violent, and rude letters that this site gets are from Atheists/Humanists. Yet, these are people whom the Lord, Jesus Christ loves. He calls to them daily. He sends His servants to talk to them to try to warn them of what will happen if they continue on the way they are going.

Christianity is based on Jesus Christ, the Living Christ, Who reveals Himself to the Christian on an ongoing basis.  Believer's have the supernatural trust that is a gift from God.  By this trust, we see Jesus and hear His Voice.  It is Jesus Himself who reveals to us that the Bible is His Word, His Utterance.  And it is Jesus Himself Who speaks to us through His Word.   Jesus speaks to us through many different means: Scripture, intuition, bringing Scripture to our remembrance, apostles, prophets, etc.  When God speaks to us, faith comes and with faith comes a vision of hope.  This vision shows us who we are in Christ in an ever-more-clear understanding.  When God speaks, He instructs us what to think, what to say, and what to do.  Then, He does the work through us by His grace, His free gift of righteousness.  This righteousness of God in us is the moving of the Holy Spirit that transfigures us from glory to glory to be like Jesus, killing our fleshly nature and causing Christ to be more fully formed in us.  And this death to self, to the old adamic sin nature, and building up of Christ is the very thing that redeems us, sets us free from slavery to the fleshly nature, to Satan, to the pressures of the world, and to death.  Humanism/Secularism/Atheism is based on mental exercise.  All of creation speaks to us about God through the things that we can easily observe, yet some people are in denial. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)



Michael Ramsden: calling the humanist bluff


For Humanists, the government is their church.  They tend to be very political as they have no  hope  other than  politics.  They hope to create a Sectarian, that is, Atheistic, Utopia.

The government becomes the totalitarian "church" of Humanism.  Every effort is put into creating a situation where Biblical Christianity is not allowed to have any influence in society.  The cultic religion of Humanism pushes for total control through coercive government.  Every effort is put into increasing the control of government and using governmental power to eliminate Biblical Christianity.  Humanists desire to indoctrinate all youth, not only their own children.

The Secular  TV networks, government schools, government-funded scientific groups, Secular music industry, Secular news industry, Secular entertainment industry, Secular print media, and government radio all are overwhelmingly controlled by the various sects of Secularism, including Humanism.  Every form of entertainment and information is used as a carrier for humanism.  Humanists work their own dogma into the information or into the plot of the story.  Humanists also seek every opportunity to demean, marginalize, condemn, denigrate, and belittle Biblical Christianity.  

In Humanism, each person becomes his or her own god, determining his or her own "moral code."  Humanistic ethical and moral codes can only be based on rationalization, that is, speculation.  Of course, ethics and morality imply absolutes, so there is no real morality and there are no real ethics in Humanism.Humanism is drifting from Modernism to Post Modernism because of the inability of Evolutionism to survive under the assumptions of Modernism.  For the same reason, and because of the hopelessness of Humanism, many Humanists are converting to New Age Religion or Neo Paganism.  Humanists often attend Unitarian and Liberal churches bearing Christian names.  

Secularists have tried to reverse the Christian respect for conscience of conflicting religions.  Christians have avoided legislating morality, but Secularists have worked to coerce Christians into doing things against conscience.  Examples would include endorsing perversion,  or forcing Christians to dispense the morning after pill.  Also, coercion is exercised to prevent such things as Christians praying in the name of Jesus or teaching principles of the Bible.  

This man suddenly realized that the Evolution and Atheism he had been teaching was intellectually bankrupt as an idea. The formulas he had been preaching at the university do not work. Evolution doesn't work. The primordial soup doesn't work. The big bang doesn't work. Abiogenesis doesn't work. His old-Earth ideas don't work. He has spent his life teaching lie after lie. What does he do? What does he do after he does the math?


Humanists, or Secular Humanists insist that Christians think like Secular Humanists, however, that would amount to the follower of Christ ceasing from following Christ and instead following Secular Humanism. God's plan for this hour is not to make all religions and philosophies get along. His plan is to have a people, a remnant company, who continue to discover Him, to walk with Him until they come into perfect unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to one totally complete man (the Body of Christ and the Head, Jesus), to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.    

In contrast to Secular Humanism, followers of Christ receive Jesus Christ as the only Creator of the Universe, the God Who created them and their only Savior from bondage to sin. At the same time His love for those who have been deceived by Secular Humanism compels God to speak to them daily through His creation and through other means; they will not listen to Him. You know that you were created for more than you are experiencing. If you continue to think like you always thought, you will continue to get what you always got. Is it enough? Read more. Read even more.    

The supreme being, to Humanists is humanity.  Each person becomes his or her own god.  There is a tendency, in Humanistic writings, to deify things like evolution, natural selection, nature, the universe, science, etc.   




Last updated: Dec, 2012

Secular Humanism's Intolerance

What Attitude Should Followers of Christ Have Toward Secular Humanists?

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